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HYDROSEAL BRUSHABLE is a heavy bituminous, fibre reinforced, rust inhibiting sealaing
compound, specifically designed to be brushed thickly to any surface.


  • Repair and waterproofing the inside of iron and concrete tanks
  • Resurfacing old Malthoid, iron and cement
  • Stopping leaks in roofs and gutters, sealing leaks in tanks, troughs, flashings and cappings,
    under screws, washers and downpipes. Must be applied internally.
  • A relatively slow drying sound deadener and anti drumming compound for all sheetmetal work.
  • Damp-proofing of concrete and masonry walls, above and below ground, where no hydrostatic
    pressure exists.


  • 1 litre can, packaged 6 per carton
  • 4 litre can, packaged 4 per carton
  • 20 litre drum