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Agriculture Pipe

Agriculture Pipe Class 400 PDF

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Agriculture Pipe is a corrugated , single wall HDPE SN8 / Class 400 Pipe, used to assist with drainage. It is available in three forms: Slotted, Unslotted and Socked. Composition—HDPE recycled & virgin.



Allows for light to medium drainage around gardens, retaining walls, underground trenches and places where moisture can cause problems.


50mm x 10 metre
50mm x 20 metre
50mm x 50 metre
50mm x 100 metre
50mm x 200 metre
65mm x 10 metre
65mm x 20 metre
65mm x 50 metre
65mm x 100 metre
65mm x 200 metre
80mm x 20 metre
80mm x 100 metre
100mm x 10 metre
100mm x 20 metre
100mm x 50 metre
100mm x 100 metre
160mm x 25 metre


JoinerT JunctionY JunctionEnd CapCrossRedcue
65mm 65mm65mm65mm 65mm65mm
100mm 65mm100mm100mm100mm100-50mm