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Debonding Foam



Debonding Foam is manufactured from closed cell low density polyethylene foam. The product is manufactured in a range of sizes and has excellent compression and recovery properties.


  • Compatible with Rebar sizes
  • Ideal for Pile reinforcement
  • Available in two metre lengths
  • Excellent rebound recovery
  • Long life polyethylene foam ensures maximum protection of concrete and steel
  • Easy to fit application
  • Anti-vibration properties
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Does not discolour or stain
  • Special sizes made to order for project quantities




  • 32mm idx 10mm wall x 2 metre
  • 36mm id x 10mm wall x 2 metre
  • 39mm id x 10mm wall x 2 metre

PVC Nitrile

  • 32mm id x 13mm wall x 2 metre
  • 35mm id x 13mm wall x 2 metre


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