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BiYcell Backchannel Foam

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BIYCELL BACKCHANNEL FOAM is a black, closed cell, flexible, elastomeric nitrile foam rubber material. It is available in a continuous roll with no laminations. Biycell Backchannel Foam is available with a self-adhesive back with easily re-movable liner for easy application or in plain.

Being a closed cell material, it is non-absorbent and impervious to most liquids. It remains flexible at a wide range of operating temperatures and, has a good resistance to weathering and age-ing. Biycell Backchannel Foam is a user friendly material and is available in a range of widths.

A sealing strip for placement in the back-channel, prior to placement of sheeting material. Placement can be made easier with use of the adhesive Biycell Back-channel Foam – just remove backing pa-per and place sticky surface to back of channel prior to placement of sheeting material.


SizesCode PlainCode Adhesive
25mm x 13mm x 9 metre roll3277A3277D
35mm x 13mm x 9 metre roll3277B3277E
55mm x 13mm x 9 metre roll3277C3277F

Available in either Plain or Adhesive



MaterialNitrile Foam Rubber
Cell StructureClosed Cell
Density Range40kg/m³ - 70kg/m³
Service Temperature-50° to 85°C
Ozone ResistanceGood
Corrosion ResistanceNo corrosion
Dust & Fibre free
CFC free
Zero ODP
Zero GWP