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Hydrochloric Acid

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BIY Hydrochloric Acid is a solution of hydrogen chloride in water that is used as a pool pH adjuster and surface preparation treatment.

5 litre (4 per carton)
20 litre (32 per pallet)

Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye/face protection when using this product. Always add acid to water (never add water to acid).

• Colourless liquid with a very sharp, biting odour (do not inhale)
• Widely used in mining, building and pool industries

• Brick Cleaning & Etching – remove lumps of cement with a scraper and wash bricks thoroughly with water. Mix 1 part Hydrochloric Acid to 10 parts water. Apply Acids solution with a broad brush and rinse off with water once chemical reaction (frothing) has ended.
• pH adjuster for pool water – add 100ml per 40,000 llitres of water to lower pH by 0.1 on the pH scale ie 7.9 to 7.8. Run pool pump for at least an hour after adding acid. Note: Never mix Acid with Sodium Hypochlorite (chlorine).

• Specific Gravity: 1.18
• Boiling Point: 91-98°C
• pH: <1