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BiYcell Backer Rod – Closed



Biycell Closed Cell Backer Rod is manufactured from closed cell, low density polyethylene foam. The product is manufactured in a range of sizes and has excellent compression and recovery properties. The round profile enables the applied sealant to form the correct profile for optimum movement.



A backing rod for expansion joints placed prior to the application of sealants. Suitable for horizontal and vertical joints. Will not discolour and will not adhere to the sealant.



DiameterLength of Roll
6mm250 metre
10mm250 metre
13mm50 metre
13mm100 metre
15mm50 metre
15mm100 metre
20mm50 metre
25mm50 metre
30mm50 metre
40mm2 metre length
50mm2 metre length



Material Low density polyethylene closed cell foam
Density40-50kg/m³ nominal
Service Temperature-40C to + 90C
Water Absorption<2% by volume after 28 days submersion
Compression RecoveryExcellent 95%
Compression Deflection Excellent >20.5KPa
Compression Resistance Excellent <335KPa