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BiYseal Acrylic Imp Foam

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A high density polyurethane foam saturated with acrylic which, when compressed provides a seal against dirt, dust, dampness, vibration, drafts and water. Biyseal acrylic retains its elasticity indefinitely, expanding and contracting with the joint movement.



COMPRESSION: As compression increase Biyseal Acrylic becomes more impermeable. As a guide, compression of –

  • 25% is sufficient for air, dust and vibration
  • 50% is sufficient for moisture
  • 75% is sufficient for heavy rain and water


RECOVERY: Biyseal acrylic can be compressed to 10% of its original width and will recover to more than 90% after any number of cycles of compression and expansion.


COMPATIBILITY: Biyseal acrylic is compatible with water-based paints and mastics.

SERVICE TEMP: Biyseal acrylic can be used in a wide temperature range –10 degrees C to +70 degrees C

FIRE RESISTANCE: Compressed Biyseal acrylic is self-extinguishing when compressed between non-inflammable materials.



  • Biyseal acrylic provides an inexpensive and effective seal in many applications
  • Roof cladding—In all standard materials
  • Expansion Joints—In concrete and brickwork
  • Sealing around windows and doors to concrete,
  • Timber or brickwork
  • Construction of caravans, motor –vehicles, railway carriages.
  • Electrical installations exposed to weather
  • Precast panels—air-conditioning—partitions



Available in 2m strips or 7.6m coils

  • 13mm x 13mm
  • 19mm x 19mm
  • 38mm x 13mm
  • 25mm x 25mm
  • 19mm x 13mm
  • 25mm x 19mm
  • 25mm x 13mm
  • 38mm x 19mm
  • 50mm x 13mm
  • 28mm x 25mm
  • 55mm x 13mm
  • 50mm x 25mm
  • 30mm x 30mm
  • 50mm x 30mm



Lengths to suit various roofing profiles

  • Customorb
  • Spandek Trimdek
  • Kliplok

Other profiles available on request



  • Store away from dust and direct sunlight
  • When unpacking, allow material to lie for a period for maximum recovery
  • Surfaces to which Biyseal acrylic is applied should be clean and free of grease and oils
  • Ensure that dimension of Biyseal acrylic is correct for the joint size and compression required
  • Compress product by hand or roller immediately before placing
  • Biyseal Acrylic will expand quickly to fill and seal the opening
  • When joining strips splice ends with wet knife at an angle to properly join