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BiYseal Backer Rod – Open

Biyseal Open Cell Backing Rod PDF

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Biyseal Open Cell Backing Rod is a medium density, firm, open-cell polyurethane foam, designed for plugging expansion joints.


Biyseal Open Cell Backing Rod is available in a range of diameters up to 50mm. It can be stretched, compressed or bent conforming to irregular shaped joints. Because of its resilience and coefficient of friction it will remain as placed.

It forms an excellent backing material for all types of sealants, in horizontal and vertical applications. The opencell polyurethane foam is to be compressed at a minimum of 24% and a maximum of 75% when placed in joints. This one size of foam can be used in a much wider range of joint sizes in comparison to closed cell polyethylene foam backing rod.


  • 10mm x 210 metre roll = 25 rolls per bundle
  • 16mm x 150 metre roll = 15 rolls per bundle
  • 22mm x 100 metre roll = 11 rolls per bundle
  • 29mm x 60 metre roll =  8 rolls per bundle
  • 38mm x 30 metre roll = 6 rolls per bundle
  • 50mm x 20 metre roll = 5 rolls per bundle


Physical Properties  Specification Test Standard
DensityKg/m³27.0 ±1.5ASTM D3574A
Identification Force
Deflection, 25%
N 160 ± 15 ASTM D3574B1
Identification Force
Deflection 65%
N320 ± 20 ASTM D3574B1