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Ezy Bond Construction Adhesive

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EZY BOND is a fast setting, high strength, synthetic rubber based adhesive. Use as an alternative to nails and screws, as a timber construction adhesive and also as am adhesive for most other common building materials.


  • Bonding sheet flooring to joists
  • Tonge & groove flooring
  • fixing wallboards/panels to studs or solid walls
  • Installing skirting boards and polystyrene foam


  • 300ml cartridge
  • 20 cartridges per carton

Features & Benefits:

  • High bond strength
  • Fast grab
  • Low solvent (polystyrene safe)
  • Flexible

Wood colour – paintable

Interior/exterior multipurpose


Typical Characteristics:

  • App Greyish brown semi solid paste
  • Boiling point 62°c
  • Spec grey Approx. 1.08
  • Flashpoint < – 30°c
  • Solvability in water Insolvable
  • Coverage 12mt – 5mm x 5mm bead