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BiYseal Bitumen Imp Foam

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Biyseal Polyurethane Impregnated Foam is a bitumen impregnated, light weight flexible foam, with a nominal density of 35kg per m³, manufactured to AS2282-79. Biyseal is also available impregnated with an acrylic solution for use when ultra-violet light resistance is required. Biyseal is supplied in 7.62m coils, 2m lengths and Profiles to suit various roof decking.


Biyseal is suited as a weather resistant seal for numerous applications in both building and construction and, industrial either on its own or in conjunction with a sealant depending on the application. Typical applications include:

  • Dust/vermin proofing of metal wall or roof cladding
  • Vertical expansion joints in precase concrete, brick and block work
  • Jointing between walls and windows
  • Profiled Biyseal for sealing various roof and wall decking
  • Joint sealing of logs in timber homes


The surface which Biyseal is to be applied to should be clean, sound and clear of all loose materials. Size to be used is dependent on application: – Weather resistant joints – foam width equal to 5 times joint opening – Expansion joints – foam width equal to 3-4 times joint opening – Joint proofing – allow for a foam width equal to twice the joint opening


Sizes range from:

  • 19mmm x 13mm up to 75mm x 25mm x 2 metre

Profiles: to suit Corrugated and Trimdek roofing profile x 2 metre lengths.



All areas to be sealed must be filled with Biyseal Polyurethane Impregnated Foam strictly in accordance with manufacturers instructions. when all compression forces are removed is 90% in the first cycle.



  • Compression by 20% resistant to dust, draughts and tolerant to vibration.
  • Compression by 50% resistant to fog, light dampness, slight flowing water and tolerant to reverberation.
  • Compression by 70% resistant to flowing water and dust storms.
  • Compression by 75% resistant to standing water.


Accelerated aging testing – Biyseal, when compressed can have a working life of up to 20 years, depending on application. Biyseal does not extrude when compressed.


Will sustain innumerable cycles of expansion and contraction without showing signs of fatigue or loss of recovery characteristics. The material can be compressed as much as 90% without rupture and will maintain its full recovery properties. The extent of elastic recovery when all compression forces are removed, is 98% in the first cycle.


Biyseal when compressed, always exerts an outward pressure against the joint surface. Its performance is not dependent on adhesion, but it does adhere to the joint sides.


Density 30 Kg/m³
Identification Force
Deflection (I.F.D.) 25% N
65% n
200 + 22
360 + 27
Resilience % Min20
Tensile Strength Min Kpa172
Cell size (cell / inch)55 + 5
Elongation at break % of unstretched 2200 %
Tear strength minimum KN/M0.52
Compression set5.0


Density 96 Kg/m³
- I.F. 25 194N
Tensile Strength 232kPa
Elongation 275 %
Tear Resistance903 N/m
Elongation after heat aging 225 %
Tear resistance after heat aging869 N/W
Shrinkage0.94 %
Combustibility test Flame did not reach